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Message from Butch Sparks:
First and most importantly, I hope everyone is safe. Many of our members and Posts have been adversely affected by this historical disaster and may need financial assistance. The American Legion’s National Emergency Fund provides grants as indicated below.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBER GRANTS: Grants from this fund provide emergency assistance to The American Legion or Sons of The American Legion current members in areas devastated by a declared natural disaster, to include floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and related adverse weather events. You must have been displaced or evacuated from primary residence and had out-of-pocket expenses to provide for food, clothing and shelter. These funds are not designed for insurance compensation or to cover monetary losses from a business, structures on your property (barns, tool sheds), equipment or vehicles. Individual members may apply for assistance. Only one grant per household (up to $3,000.00) will be approved.

POST GRANTS: Same criteria apply. Post Grants (up to $10,000.00) must derive from a declared natural disaster. Substantiating information must provide that The American Legion Post will cease to perform the duties and activities in the community due to losses sustained. A written report from a Post, District or Department officer outlining losses and the impact on community should be provided with the Grant Application. The NEF is not a replacement for insurance. It is the responsibility of each Post to have necessary insurance to sustain operations in the event of damage.

TEMPORARY FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: May be useful to veterans with children that have been displaced by Harvey. These applications can be used by any veteran with children that meets the necessary requirements. Specific questions concerning TFA should be directed to Nancy Bullard (Department HQ) at

Below are links to an NEF Application form and a TFA form:
National Emergency Fund Overview
National Emergency Fund Application
Temporary Financial Assistance Application

Completed NEF forms can be mailed to:
The American Legion
Department of Texas
P.O. Box 140527
Austin, TX
They can also be faxed to Department Headquarters at: 512-472-0603 or emailed to the Department Adjutant, Bill West at

Welcome to American Legion Post 164 Katy TX

To all American Legion members past, present and future

This is our American Legion, yours and mine, veterans all. It is what we make it. We may have joined for many different reasons - perhaps to fill a void in our heart, or maybe a desire to serve, or simply to enjoy activities with comrades by our side, but together we are the American Legion. We are all members, united to make a difference.

Guidelines for the Legion were established in 1919 and have endured until today. They motivate us towards service to our armed forces veterans, our country’s youth and our nation’s security. They underline the American ideals of citizenship, fair play and leadership. Yet within the Legion, each Post is different. Each Post is shaped by its members to meet the needs of the community of which it is a part.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, we identify needs within our community and take action to meet those needs. Currently our Post has programs that inspire and train our youth; provide recognition and support for armed forces, law enforcement and fire fighters organizations; and provide volunteers for veterans’ clinics, hospitals and Fisher Houses. Your mission as a member of the American Legion is to identify where you fit, what your interests are and get started! It may take some effort and it may take some training to regain skills or hone the abilities you already have, but you will find your place.

The times of our lives we remember most, the times we talk about, that have been the most rewarding, were often the most challenging. They were the times where we were not certain about the future but it seemed like it was going to be an adventure. That adventure is still available in the American Legion.

The American Legion is us. We are it. Let’s move forward together.

Harry R Woodstrom
The American Legion Jonathan D. Rozier, Post 164, Katy TX

American Legion Post 164 Member Profile

Bill Seaton

Bill Seaton, 77, has been a member of American Legion Post 164 for 5 years. His wife Sandra is a Charter Member and the Chaplain for American Legion Auxiliary Unit 164.

Bill grew up on a small farm in Mount Vernon, Missouri, between Springfield and Joplin. Bill joined the U.S. Army in 1958 at 18, originally planning to stay in for 3 years. Bill and Sandra got married in 1961 after dating for 5 months. With his wife’s okay, he decided to make the Army a career.

In the United States, Bill served at Fort Leonard Wood, Fort Eustis and Fort Wayne. Overseas, he was in Germany, Iceland, Antarctica and Korea. Bill worked in food service as a cook and in transportation making tractor suspensions. After 20 years and 27 days he retired in 1978 as a sergeant first class.

At age 60, Bill came down with a neuromuscular disease known as myasthenia gravis. He is also on dialysis due to loss of both kidneys.

Bill and Sandra celebrated 56 years of marriage on Aug. 5, 2017. They have 4 children, 12 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren and 2 more on the way.