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Welcome to American Legion Post 164 Katy TX

To all American Legion members past, present and future

This is our American Legion, yours and mine, veterans all. It is what we make it. We may have joined for many different reasons - perhaps to fill a void in our heart, or maybe a desire to serve, or simply to enjoy activities with comrades by our side, but together we are the American Legion. We are all members, united to make a difference.

Guidelines for the Legion were established in 1919 and have endured until today. They motivate us towards service to our armed forces veterans, our country’s youth and our nation’s security. They underline the American ideals of citizenship, fair play and leadership. Yet within the Legion, each Post is different. Each Post is shaped by its members to meet the needs of the community of which it is a part.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, we identify needs within our community and take action to meet those needs. Currently our Post has programs that inspire and train our youth; provide recognition and support for armed forces, law enforcement and fire fighters organizations; and provide volunteers for veterans’ clinics, hospitals and Fisher Houses. Your mission as a member of the American Legion is to identify where you fit, what your interests are and get started! It may take some effort and it may take some training to regain skills or hone the abilities you already have, but you will find your place.

The times of our lives we remember most, the times we talk about, that have been the most rewarding, were often the most challenging. They were the times where we were not certain about the future but it seemed like it was going to be an adventure. That adventure is still available in the American Legion.

The American Legion is us. We are it. Let’s move forward together.

Harry R Woodstrom
The American Legion Jonathan D. Rozier, Post 164, Katy TX

American Legion Post 164 Member Profile

A thousand hours for Jim Foland
Jim Foland, Post 164’s service officer, recently received an award from the Department of Veterans Affairs for volunteering a thousand hours in Katy during the past four years.

Jim is one of several volunteers in Voluntary Service at the Katy VA Outpatient Clinic at 750 Westgreen Blvd. He does photocopying and collating of documents and passes out booklets and magazines. He also prints out labels and verifies names for laboratory requests. He says anywhere from 50 to 65 veterans show up in the mornings in the early part of each week. Most are veterans of Korea and Vietnam, but some are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jim, 74, served almost 22 years on active duty in the U.S. Army and eight years in the reserves before retiring in 1990.

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