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Etiquette for Legionnaires is vast and varied. We will cover two specific areas, uniforms and meetings.


There is no official American Legion Uniform. The American Legion Cap or Cover is the only item of apparel that designates a member as being in uniform. Therefore the Cap, being the most visible sign of a Legionnaire, is to be treated with dignity and respect.

  1. The Legion Cap will remain free of all pins, patches and devices on the emblem side of the cap. The Emblem side contains the Post number and Location, nothing else is permitted. The other side of the cap may have placed upon it membership badges or patches of position, military emblems, miniature medals and ribbons and other patriotic or Legion pins and devices.
  2. When removing the cap during a ceremony such as prayer or Pledge of Allegiance, the cover is placed over the heart with Legion Emblem at the top and facing outward. When removing the cover for meals or other reasons, the cover should be placed down flat with the emblem side facing up.
  3. While wearing the cover at any public function or Legion meetings, members are allowed to use the military salute at appropriate times. Members without a cover may, by law render a military salute as well.
  4. Only the American Legion cover is authorized for wear at organizational meetings. The Sergeant at Arms has been instructed to ask all members to remove any other cover. Guests, while representing other Veteran organizations in an official capacity may wear their organizations cover.


Like most traditions of the American Legion, the membership meeting as well as other meetings have a long history of traditional and appropriate behavior. It is a member's responsibility to know and practice proper etiquette during these events.

  1. The Sergeant at Arms will secure the doors just prior to the start of the meeting. No one shall enter the meeting after the start of the meeting until the opening ceremony has been concluded and the meeting officially called to order.
  2. Any member entering the meeting late will walk toward the front of the room, salute the Colors and return to a seat for the remainder of the meeting.
  3. During the meeting the Colors will be posted. The space between the Colors and the Legion flag is considered sacred ground and NO person shall pass between them.
  4. Any individual who must leave before the meeting is concluded will approach the front of the room, salute the Colors and quietly leave the meeting room.
  5. Anyone who would like to use the podium or is called up to the podium will wait until that member is escorted by the Sergeant at Arms. They will approach on the side bearing the US Flag, pause and both salute the flag, then continue to the podium. The Sergeant at Arms will wait near the Legion Flag for the individual. When completed, that person will join the Sergeant at Arms, step forward of the table so the US Flag is visible, salute the flag and return to their respective places.
  6. No one shall speak unless recognized by the Commander or the individual who has the floor at the podium. Anyone wishing to speak will stand. Only one individual shall be standing and speaking at any given time. Those wishing redress will wait until recognized and then apply the above rules governing the rules for speaking. (Any member so infirm that standing to speak is not possible may speak from the sitting position. All other rules still apply.)